3 tips for good dependency management


Updating dependencies can be tricky, especially if you let them build up over time. These are my tips to stay on top of any changes and make updating as painless as possible.

Pluralization in Laravel translations


Laravel translations can depend on the number of subjects: one apple, two apples. This article will explain more complex pluralizations: no apples, one apple, two apples, tons of apples.

Laravel Blade @each directive

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The relatively unknown @each function in a very powerful way to loop over data in Laravel Blade templates. It is powerful and much more elegant than @foreach.

Tracking exceptions with Bugsnag

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Until today, I kept an eye on any errors on this website by sending them to myself by email. Although this works, I thought it was time to look for a better way of handling exceptions. Enter Bugsnag, a service that lets you track errors and exceptions and view them in a dashboard. These are my first experiences working with Bugsnag.

Game of Life Javascript plugin

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I've developed a little Javascript plugin with which you can play Conway's Game of Life. Actually, it's not a real game. You can determine the initial state and from there it sort of just evolves. Visit the article to play it yourself.