About me

Hi! My name is Barry and I'm a web developer from the Netherlands 👋

This blog started as, and still is, a hobby project. This is a place to play around with new techniques (Laravel framework at the time) and write about it.

Also, it serves as a personal collection of tips and tricks so I don't have to go through StackOverflow for the gazillionth time in search of the right answer.


Besides programming, I love to:

  • 🏃 Run. Currently trying barefoot. Ran anything from 800m on the track to a ~30km trail.
  • 🧑‍🍳 Cook. And eat, of course. I love asian food like Thai red curry or fried rice. Vegetarian/vegan most of the time.
  • 📖 Read. Murakami is my favourite writer and last years science-fiction has been my favourite genre.
  • 🎧 Listen to music. From doom metal to funk. Lots of instrumental music. Would love to be able and play bass guitar.

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