Pluralization in Laravel translations

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Laravel translations can depend on the number of subjects: one apple, two apples. This article will explain more complex pluralizations: no apples, one apple, two apples, tons of apples.

Laravel Blade @each directive

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The relatively unknown @each function in a very powerful way to loop over data in Laravel Blade templates. It is powerful and much more elegant than @foreach.

Tracking exceptions with Bugsnag

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Until today, I kept an eye on any errors on this website by sending them to myself by email. Although this works, I thought it was time to look for a better way of handling exceptions. Enter Bugsnag, a service that lets you track errors and exceptions and view them in a dashboard. These are my first experiences working with Bugsnag.

Game of Life Javascript plugin

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I've developed a little Javascript plugin with which you can play Conway's Game of Life. Actually, it's not a real game. You can determine the initial state and from there it sort of just evolves. Visit the article to play it yourself.

Use an SSL certificate

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Using an SSL certificate is quickly becoming a best practice, if it isn't already. What do you need to know before choosing a certificate and what do you need to check after installing it?