SSH keys 101

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SSH keys can be used to create secure connections between computers. This article explains the basics of creating and using SSH keys.

My resolutions for 2019

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Now that 2018 comes to an end, it is time to reflect and make plans for the new year. The theme for 2019: learn new things and becoming an "activist" for online privacy.

Solving inconsistent line endings within a Git repository

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If you develop code on both Windows and Linux machines you might have run into inconsistent line endings. This might lead to "empty" commits, consisting only of changed line ednings. This post describes how a .gitattributes file can solve all your (line ending-related) problems.

How to prevent the use of unsafe-inline in CSP


It is best to prevent the usage of "unsafe-inline" in your Content Security Policy (CSP) header. In this article, I will explain why that is the case and how to transform unsafe assets into safe ones.

Package development: run a package from a local directory


This article explains how you can require a package from a local path into your project with Composer. This way you can run a local copy of a repository and test any changes you make. Because the local repo will be symlinked changes are shared in real-time, there is no need for intermediate committing and updating.